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Because of generous support from our corporate partners and WPI alumni, as well as grants and other funding, the STEM Education Center can continue to bring innovative teaching resources and training to PreK-12 educators and education leaders throughout the New England area.

Corporate Partnerships​

WPI has built one of the nation’s largest and most comprehensive K-12 outreach programs with gifts from many wise and generous friends such as Edna and Douglas Noiles ’44, whose leadership gift in 2003 established the WPI Office of K-12 Outreach, which became the STEM Education Center. Others too have stepped up to the challenge of increasing technological literacy among our teachers and students. Like our partners below, join us in our commitment to advance education, foster innovation, and empower women and underserved youth to build the workforce of the future.

  • EMC
  • Intel

Contact Martha Cyr at to learn about partnership opportunities.​​

Grants & Other Funding

The STEM Education Center frequently seeks out and receives external funding in the form of grants and gifts to create partnerships with local school districts that support STEM integration for their students.​

Title II-B: Massachusetts Mathematics and Science Partnership Program

This partnership between the STEM Education Center and Fall River Public Schools will build teachers' content and pedagogical knowledge of the academic language, math, and engineering domains of physical science. As a district with a significant number of English Language Learners (7.8), students whose first language was not English (19.9) and students from poverty (78%), we have begun to address the significance of academic language to student achievement. Our goal is to train teachers to embed academic language learning strategies into the teaching of Physical Science as they gain a greater understanding of the vertical learning progressions of Physical Science in grades 5-8 as outlined the Draft MA STE Standards.

STEM Integration for Education Leaders

This program, with financial support from EMC, guides and supports schools and districts in the process of developing a comprehensive strategic plan for STEM/STEAM integration in their school/district. Entering its fifth year as a program, the STEM Education Center has worked with sixteen teams so far and kicks off the new year in August of 2016 with the newest cohort that is comprised of Alhuda Academy (Worcester), Belchertown Public Schools, John D. O’Bryant School of Mathematics and Science (Boston), and the Pioneer Valley Regional School District.

Alumni Support

  • Edna and Doug Noiles ‘44

Keep up-to-date about the STEM Education Center and opportunities at WPI for educators through monthly newsletters and timely information about news and events for educators and those that support them.


Every year, the STEM Education Center recognizes educators and education leaders dedicated to science, technology, engineering and mathematics at our annual event AweSTEM!