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WPI’s new minor in fire protection engineering (FPE) gives students the distinctive opportunity to learn about this academic path while still an undergraduate. You’ll gain the knowledge necessary to establish a foundation in the principles of this industry and will be able to apply this FPE coursework to your related major.

The minor in fire protection engineering is an ideal academic complement to many majors especially those pursuing degrees in mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical & computer engineering, and architectural engineering.

As home to one of only three fire protection engineering graduate programs in the United States, WPI’s faculty and facilities are unsurpassed. A minor in FPE will introduce you to the basic knowledge in understanding fire behavior, society’s response to it and how FPE’s inform everything from public policy to facility design and construction to product performance.

fire protection engineering

The FPE minor consists of six (6) courses.

FPE minor requirements include:

Two units of work, including at least one unit with the prefix “FP” at the 3000-level or above

Three (3) remaining courses chosen from the following list:

CHE 2013 – Applied Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
ES 3001 – Introduction to Thermodynamics
ES 3003 – Heat Transfer
ES 3004 – Fluid Mechanics
CE 3006 – Design of Steel Structures
CE 3008 – Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures
CE 3031 – Building Information Modeling: Software Tools and Principles
CE 3010 – Structural Engineering
AE 3602 – Incompressible Fluids
ME 442X – Radiation Heat Transfer Application and Design
CHE 4410 – Chemical Process Safety Design

Application Process for the Minor in Fire Protection Engineering

If you are interested in declaring a minor in fire protection engineering, inquire with the Department of Fire Protection Engineering to find a minor advisor.

Once you are ready to declare your minor, you must complete and submit a Fire Protection Engineering Minor Declaration Form. Please submit the form to

A Minor Completion Form needs to be submitted by the end of your Junior year. Submit the form to

Earn a Fire Protection Engineering Certificate

Do you already have a bachelor’s degree and are looking to increase your understanding about fire protection engineering so you can use it in your professional life? WPI’s graduate certificate in fire protection engineering is a four-course program that advances your understanding of fire safety, engineering and policy. This FPE certificate is a first step in advancing your understanding of the FPE industry or deciding on your next academic steps. If you already have a master’s degree, our advanced certificate in fire protection engineering will enhance your professional practices.

See How Different Majors Complement a Fire Protection Engineering Minor

Are you wondering if a minor in FPE will boost your degree path? A minor in FPE can give you a technical focus and a specific perspective this is helpful in many majors. This minor is especially beneficial for undergraduates majoring in mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical & computer engineering, and architectural engineering.