As a returning WPI student, you must reapply for need-based financial aid every year. To reapply, your must renew your Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) .

  • Your FAFSA is due by April 15, 2020

Some returning students also need to submit the CSS Profile by April 15.

If you are seeking financial assistance over the summer (E-Term), a few different rules apply.


Do I need to submit the CSS Profile?

The CSS Profile Application is not required for most returning undergraduate students unless:

  • The student’s parents have separated or divorced since the previous year's financial aid application was filed.
  • The roles of the student’s custodial and non-custodial parents have changed from the previous year.
  • The student did not apply for need-based WPI funded financial aid last year or was recently re-admitted to WPI

If you need to submit the CSS Profile because of any of the above reasons, it is due by April 15.

How do I know if my financial aid application is complete?

To find out if all required documents are complete, visit the WPI Application Status Check system. Additional information regarding renewal applications and financial aid retention policies is available in the WPI Undergraduate Catalog.

E-Term Tuition and Financial Aid

Financial assistance for E-Term (summer) is limited to Federal Direct Loans, private loans, and Federal Pell Grants. It is important to remember that, Direct Loan funds borrowed to cover E-Term costs will be deducted from loan eligibility from the earlier academic year. (Ex. If you are finishing your junior year and borrowed $5,500 to cover your Fall / Spring terms you will only have $2,000 in remaining eligibility for Term E Costs.  Federal Pell Grants may be available if you were eligible for a Pell Grant during the academic year however, Pell Grant eligibility is dependent on the number of courses enrolled in during the summer academic period.

To apply for any type of loan for E-Term, please complete and submit the E-Term (summer) Application for Student Loans. If you are considering the Federal Direct Loan or the Federal PLUS loan, you also need to complete your FAFSA form.

Once we've received these documents your application will be reviewed, and if you are borrowing through the Federal Direct Loan program you will be notified of your loan eligibility by an email to your WPI email address. Federal PLUS loans and private loans will be certified and posted to your WPI account.

E Term Costs (attending WPI)    


 Tuition (reflects 30% discount for E Term 2019)






 Books & Personal


 Total E Term Budget     


 E-Term 2019 Project Center Estimated Costs


Bar Harbor, ME


London (Humanities & Arts / IQP)


Buenos Aries, Argentina


Beijing, China


 Konstanz Germany (D & E)  $6,503
 Lyon France (IQP) $11,449

  *reflects 50% tuition discount for E term 2019