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E-Term Tuition and Financial Aid

Financial assistance for E-Term (summer) is limited to Federal Direct Loans for students, private loans including the Federal Direct PLUS loan for parents, as well as Federal Pell Grants and Global Scholarships. It is important to remember that you must not have borrowed the full amount of the Subsidized / Unsubsidized Federal Direct loans during the E20 – D21 term academic period.  The Subsidized / Unsubsidized Federal loans have annual limits that cannot be exceeded.  If a student borrowed the full amount of their eligibility during the summer 2020 through spring semesters 2021 they will not be eligible to borrow additional federal funding except the PLUS loan, for the summer (E21 Term) academic period.

To apply for any type of loan for E-Term, please complete and submit the E-Term (summer) Application for Student Loans. If you are considering the Federal Direct Loan or the Federal PLUS loan, you also need to complete your FAFSA form.

Once we've received these documents your application will be reviewed, and if you are borrowing through the Federal Direct Loan program you will be notified of your loan eligibility by an email to your WPI email address. Federal PLUS loans and private loans will be certified and posted to your WPI account.

E Term Costs (attending WPI)    


 Tuition - (reflects 50% discount for E Term 2021) for 9 credits (3 classes)  - $2,211 per class






 Books & Personal


 Total E Term Budget     


 E-Term 2021 Project Center Estimated Costs


Acadia National Park, ME

See Above *

London (Humanities & Arts / IQP)

See Above *

Buenos Aries, Argentina

See Above *


See Above *

 Konstanz Germany (D & E) See Above *
 Lyon France (IQP) See Above *

  *reflects 50% tuition discount for E term 2021