While the college application process can be long and full of back-and-forth before the final decision is made, sometimes you just know when you’ve found the right place. Students who are confident that WPI is the place for them can now take advantage of our Early Decision admission option—if you apply Early Decision and are accepted, you’ll enter into a binding agreement where, upon acceptance, you’ll withdraw all applications to other colleges, not file any new ones, and enroll at WPI.


The Early Decision I deadline is November 1, with a notification by mid December. 

The Early Decision II deadline is January 5, with a notification by mid February.

Early Decision FAQs

Who should consider applying Early Decision?

Early Decision is ideal for students who know that WPI is their first choice, and, after careful research and consideration of all factors (residential, academic, social, and financial), are prepared to enroll at WPI if accepted.

Why apply Early Decision?

Early Decision is the best way for students to demonstrate their commitment to attending WPI. If accepted, students are also able to finalize their college plans early in their senior year, reducing stress and cutting down on the time and expense of submitting additional applications—all while having more time to prepare for college.

Is Early Decision the same as Early Action?

No. Early Decision is a binding plan that requires you to withdraw all other applications and enroll at WPI upon acceptance. Students who apply and are accepted Early Action may still consider other colleges and have until May 1 to decide where to enroll.

What happens if I'm not accepted during Early Decision?

Students who aren’t offered admission cannot reapply in the same year, but are encouraged to consider a plan that would position them as a transfer candidate after one full year of coursework at another college or university.


Early Decision I applicants may be deferred to Regular Decision (their application will now be non-binding). They won’t need to reapply and will be notified of their Admissions decision before March 15.


Early Decision II applicants as well as those deferred to Regular Decision may also be offered a place on the waiting list.

Are application requirements different under the Early Decision plan?

Early Decision candidates are required to submit the Early Decision Agreement form as well as first-quarter senior grades upon conclusion of the term

What's the Early Decision Agreement form?

It’s a document found within the Common Application that outlines the ethical agreement between the student, parents, school counselor, and WPI. It must be signed by all parties and submitted before the application deadline.

I applied Early Action and would like to switch to Early Decision. Can I?

Yes. Early Action students can change their plan before the Early Decision I (November 1) and II (January 5) deadlines.

Are merit scholarships offered to Early Decision candidates?

Yes—all Early Decision applicants will be considered for WPI merit-based scholarships.

Can I be considered for need-based financial aid as an Early Decision applicant?

Yes. WPI requires the FAFSA and CSS Profile (international students are only required to submit the CSS Profile) to determine eligibility for need-based aid. All Early Decision applicants applying for need-based aid must complete these requirements by November 1.

What if I can't afford to attend WPI after being accepted under an Early Decision plan?

While we work to provide the best possible financial aid package for each student through grants, loans, and the Federal Work Study Program, some students may still be unable to enroll due to financial constraints. In this case, students must review their financial aid award with the Office of Financial Aid and obtain an official release from their commitment to enroll.

About Early Action

Applying to WPI Early Action is a great way to show your interest in WPI without the full commitment of Early Decision. WPI offers two rounds of Early Action with application deadline of November 1 or January 5. You’ll receive your admission decision by late January (November 1 submission) or late February (January 5 submission). Applying Early Action does not commit you to the university if accepted. 

About Regular Decision

Regular Decision's later application deadline gives more time to perfect your application and show the Admissions team additional achievements and what you've been up to during your senior year. The application deadline is February 1 and you'll receive your admission decision by late March.