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Welcome to WPI, Class of 2025!

So, what was it?

You know, the thing that sealed the deal, that made it clear WPI is the place for you. The immersive STEM education, maybe, or the project-based curriculum? There’s also the chance to live and work in a bustling college city like Worcester and the fabulous assortment of goat puns (you’re welcome, by the way). Or maybe it’s the community that feels like a family.


Whatever the reason, we’re thrilled that you made the decision to join us. We know you’re probably a lot of things right now—excited, relieved, maybe even a little anxious—and have just as many questions to go along with those emotions. We’ll have more details for you soon, so be sure to keep an eye on your mailbox. In the meantime, though, start connecting with your future classmates and exploring life at WPI, all right here, all right now.

Congratulations, Class of 2025—we can’t wait to meet you!

Term Break Activities on the Quad

Term Break Activities on the Quad

College may not be all fun and games, but they’re definitely part of it. WPI students took advantage of a recent break from classes and the beautiful fall weather for a weekend of pumpkin painting, spin art, impromptu lawn games, and music.
Women's Volleyball

Worth 1,000 Words

What’s WPI like? Well, from the band practices and snowball fights on the Quad to the completion of groundbreaking research and regular visits from President Leshin’s dog, Hudson, it’d be more accurate to ask, what isn’t WPI like? Get a glimpse of life at WPI through the latest installment of our Month in Photos series.

Romania Zoom
Romania landscape

Projects Around the (Virtual) World

While WPI’s Global Projects Program definitely took on a different feel in response to the pandemic, students didn’t let that stop them. Read just one story about how members of Interactive Qualifying (IQP) teams who had been set to complete their project work in Romania used technology to not only complete their projects, but sample local cuisine and host special guests to discuss the country’s history, geography, art, and film. Read additional stories on how student project teams have pivoted when faced with a pandemic.

Bartlett Center
Quad Fun
Window Gompei

Connect on ZeeMee

You don’t have to wait until August to meet your future classmates. Start connecting with fellow members of the Class of 2025 (as well as current WPI students) on download the ZeeMee app and get to know other members of the herd!

Quad at Sunset
Classroom learning
Washburn shops
Founders Day fun

Planning for The First-Year Experience

Looking for an idea of what you can expect when it comes to New Student Orientation and other to-dos leading up to move-in day? The First-Year Experience website gives you just that. Check it out for an in-depth look at the Class of 2024’s timeline to campus.

Institute Park
Worcester Art Museum
Downtown Worcester
Hiking in Worcester

Discover Worcester

You can’t have WPI without “Worcester,” and much like its pronunciation, the city we call home is more than meets the eye. It’s a place full of history, ready and waiting to act as the backdrop for you to make some of your own (and enjoy some food, art, and shows along the way). Read more about our hometown.