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Student Activities Fair

Are you a gamer who lives to play? A sports enthusiast who needs to compete? A musician who loves to perform? A cheese connoisseur who…well, loves cheese? At WPI, we’ve got a club for that. In fact, with over 235 student organizations, we’ve got something for everyone—including you.

Getting involved in an extracurricular activity helps you to meet new people, share your talents and interests, and even discover a newfound passion you may never have found before. When you arrive on campus, be sure to check out the Activities Fair, where over 200 clubs and organizations gather to advertise their clubs and associated opportunities.  It's a great way to see if there’s a club or two that you’d be interested in joining.

Check out the list of clubs available to join at WPI here.

Preview Students gather in a classroom to discuss a game, "Dragged Out," which is projected on screen while two students stand at a podium in mid-discussion.
Preview A hand reaches from out of the frame to pick up one of several old coins on a tabletop.

WPI's Got What?

With an environment that empowers students to pursue their passions, you'll find there's a club or organization for everyone at WPI—from the Society of Magicians and pep band to underwater hockey and the cheese club. Get to know some of them.


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