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The Student Alumni Society (SAS) encourages participation in the long-standing and rich history of WPI traditions. SAS helps keep these traditions alive by sponsoring, planning and running various campus activities and special events throughout the school year for students, alumni, faculty, staff and parents.

SAS members are easily recognized on campus in their red-and-white striped rugbies. They cheer for the Engineers at athletic events, bring goats to campus and give away T-shirts and cake on Founders’ Day, give everyone a free fright at Haunted Higgins House each Halloween, throw a huge birthday party for WPI’s beloved mascot Gompei in February, and run WPI’s most cherished traditions such as the Freshmen Bridge Crossing and host the Goat’s Head Rivalry events.

Membership is open to all undergraduate students. SAS meetings are every Wednesday at 5 p.m. on campus. If you have any questions, please contact our Executive Committee.

2020 SAS Executive Committee

Chair: Michelle Santacreu '21
Membership Chair: Jordan Grotz '21
Programs Co-Chairs: Meredith Gauthier '22 and Joe Howell '21
Engagement Chair: Delaney Tedtsen '22
Herd Chair: Dominick Gravante '22
Historian: Max Lepage '22
Public Relations Chair: Brittany Henriques '22
Treasurer: Matthew Kirejczyk '21 

Staff Adviser: Brianne Ross
Alumni Adviser: Richard Hosea '19

May 2020 Update

Since we haven’t been on campus for D term, SAS has been doing virtual GB’s and events. We also started the #Herd@Home update which spotlights a student, club, and history fact every week! You can find all of the #Herd@Home editions on WPI TechConnect

To keep up with all our exciting activities and events, follow us on Instagram @saswpi and Facebook