The Office of Lifetime Engagement encompasses Alumni Relations and the WPI Fund. The Office of Lifetime Engagement is part of the University Advancement division, spearheads a wide range of alumni events, including Alumni Weekend, Homecoming, project center events, giving day, and many others, as well as communications vehicles such as The Bridge, the Global Bulletin, and the alumni website. The staff works closely with:

  • Alumni Association, a volunteer-led organization that provides benefits and services to WPI graduates.
  • Parents Association
  • GOLD Committee (Graduates Of the Last Decade)
  • Student Alumni Society (SAS), a student organization that helps to develop leadership, interest and enthusiasm for future generations of alumni while upholding traditions on campus.

Alumni Relations is located in Higgins House and Annual Giving is located at 85 Prescott Street.

The Office of Lifetime Engagement

<a href="/people/staff/eaalletto">Elizabeth Alletto</a> alt
Assistant Director of Annual Giving

Elizabeth Alletto

Assistant Director Annual Giving

Elizabeth Chirico

Assoc Director, Annual Giving
<a href="/people/staff/jldaigle">Jennifer Daigle</a>

Jennifer Daigle

Operations Associate
Phone: +1, (508), 8315000, x6089
<a href="/people/staff/mellis">Monica Ellis</a>

Monica Ellis

Director of Annual Giving
Phone: +1, (508), 8314836
<a href="/people/staff/tlmarcoux">Thea Marcoux</a>

Thea Marcoux

Associate Director of International Advancement
<a href="/people/staff/mmaynard">Maureen Maynard</a>

Maureen Maynard

Associate Director Alumni Relations
Phone: +1, (508), 8315000, x5606
<a href="/people/staff/jmusto">Jessica Musto</a>

Jessica Musto

Annual Giving Associate
Phone: +1, (508), 8315132
<a href="/people/staff/bsross2">Brianne Ross</a>

Brianne Ross

Associate Director of Alumni Relations & Annual Giving
Phone: +1, (508), 8316751
<a href="/people/staff/pthomas">Peter Thomas</a>

Peter Thomas

Executive Director Lifetime Engagement
Phone: +1, (508), 8315000, x6074
Peter is the Executive Director of the Office of Lifetime Engagement for Alumni Parents and Friends. ... View Profile
<a href="/people/staff/avalley">Aubrey Valley</a>

Aubrey Valley

Director Lifetime Engagement
Phone: +1, (508), 8315000, x5697