Alumni Tuition Benefit

Once a Goat, Always a Goat

In a world that is constantly changing, one thing remains true: the quality of a WPI education. And if you’re a WPI alum, we know you’re commited to lifelong learning. With that in mind, we wanted to let you know that the Alumni Tuition Benefit has been expanded.

All WPI alumni can now take one course for fun, set out on a career change, or complete an entire graduate degree—at a reduced cost. No matter what your goals are, this benefit reduction can help you keep moving forward.

We’ve tailored the program’s approach to fit our alumni’s needs. We’ve increased the flexibility to take courses online or on campus (or a little bit of both). We also know you might not want to commit to a full program until you’ve seen what it’s like. You’re welcome to sample a course before you decide to apply to a program—no strings attached. Go ahead, and “test drive” a course!

Who is Eligible?

This incentive is now available to all WPI alumni— it doesn’t matter if you graduated decades ago or just last year—with a bachelor’s or a master’s. And you can be a full-time, part-time, and non-matriculated student.

How Does it Work?

Register for a credit-bearing course at WPI. Each graduate course you are registered for in this year will be discounted by 20%. The 20% discount will apply to every course and you may complete as many credits as you like.

How Do You Apply?

All eligible students are pre-coded to participate, so all you need to do is register for the courses you want. If you are eligible for multiple discounts, the largest discount available to you will be applied.

Alumni Tuition Incentive Program Overview

Presenter Amanda Keighley, from the Office of Graduate Studies, provides an overview of WPI’s alumni tuition incentive program, graduate programs delivery methods, and how to take advantage of the new alumni tuition incentive program in this online webinar. Watch it today!

What Do You Want to Learn?

WPI’s four schools offer the freedom to explore academic opportunities, both on campus and online, in engineering, science, and business—around the world.