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With WPI's pioneering approach to project-based learning and rigorous and collaborative research, our undergraduate and graduate engineering students develop an entrepreneurial edge. Working side-by-side with our world-renowned faculty, students learn and work in shared environments that push the envelope and lead to real breakthroughs.

With WPI's global approach, students fortify their technical, scientific, business, and creative skills as they make authentic inroads into the world's most pressing challenges. Our graduates use their know-how, initiative, and ideas to improve the quality of life and change the world as the next generation of astute and aware engineers.


Hundreds of ships collect marine plastics from the ocean, and head back to port to refuel. Breaking down plastics into biofuels can help minimize the number of trips these ships make. alt
Hundreds of ships collect marine plastics from the ocean, and head back to port to refuel. Breaking down plastics into biofuels can help minimize the number of trips these ships make.
January 11, 2021
Lauren Dana alt
L. Dana, physics lab manager
December 02, 2020
Patrick Schaumont alt
WPI professor Patrick Schaumont is preparing to launch a survey about concerns people have with digital contact tracing.
November 19, 2020

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Meet Our Students

Angela Calvi

Angela C.

Junior, BS in Chemical Engineering; Minor in Mathematics

Angela and five other WPI students gathered data to determine the feasibility of implementing an intelligent transportation system in Acadia National Park to help mitigate traffic congestion and parking issues during peak season. The park's current infrastructure can't handle the increasing visitation traffic, so Angela and her team completed research, communicated with park officials, and completed field observation to determine if an intelligent transportation system for the park would be effective.

Joshua G

Joshua G.

PhD, Biomedical Engineering

A PhD student continues his biomedical research at WPI utilizing something he'd never expected: spinach.

Emily McLean

Emily M.

Junior, BS in Mechanical Engineering

A co-op experience gave this WPI junior invaluable insight into what she can expect from working in the "real world" following graduation.

Sean Hathaway

Sean H.

Senior, BS in Mechanical Engineering & MS in Manufacturing Engineering

An undergraduate rises to the top of his Air Force ROTC detachment all while earning his bachelors and masters degrees at the same time. 

Course Catalogs

Read through the Course Catalogs to see the range of courses available for undergraduate and graduate students.

Undergraduate Course Catalog

Graduate Course Catalog

Setting a Standard for Excellence

Engineering faculty members are more than accomplished and esteemed professors. They are leaders in their respective fields, published authors, and renowned researchers.

WPI encourages qualified professors to explore and pursue opportunities within our engineering programs.

Alumni Making an Impact

Leading Quest Diagnostics Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

Stephen Rusckowski '79, chairman, CEO, and president of Quest Diagnostics--the world’s largest provider of diagnostic information services--is one of many WPI alumni helping the nation (and the world) respond to COVID-19. A WPI trustee, he received his WPI undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering.

Supporting the Global Front Lines

"Not only did I earn a PhD, but I got a lifelong lesson on how to be a meaningful, true, useful leader in society," says Yatao Liu ’08 (PhD). Liu, who received his doctoral degree at WPI in chemical engineering, is Vice President and General Manager, Infection Prevention Business Unit at the medical supply company Envista, which is supporting countries around the world with protects to aid frontline healthcare workers in the fight against the pandemic.

Career Fair

WPI Graduates Are in Demand

Engineering students have enriching and meaningful career options. As the need for experienced and thoughtful engineering leaders grows, WPI’s graduates are sought after for both their academic accomplishments and their extensive hands-on project work. Employers know our graduates will hit the ground running and make valuable contributions to the most challenging projects.

Faculty Profiles

Gregory S. Fischer

Gregory S. Fischer


Professor Fischer is the William Smith Dean's Professor and a faculty member in Robotics Engineering with a appointments in Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering at WPI. He received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering in 2008 from Johns Hopkins University, where he was part of the NSF Engineering Research Center for Computer Integrated Surgery. At WPI he has been an integral part of developing the Robotics Engineering program and teaches primarily junior-level and graduate courses in Robotics.

Karen  Troy

Karen Troy

Associate Professor

The ability of our biological tissues to adapt to their mechanical environment, and the ways in which our tissues are well suited for their own mechanical role within the body, is a constant source of wonder to me. I am interested in understanding the mechanical signals that are experienced within the skeleton during different types of physical activity, understanding what features of these signals stimulate bone to adapt its structure, and in developing noninvasive methods to quantify bone strength.

Media Coverage

Ahmet Can Sabuncu, assistant teaching professor, Mechanical Engineering; and students Jonathan Han and Natalia Han were featured in this article. This discusses Toys with Wings, an emerging learning and teaching experience in a junior-level Mechanical Engineering course at WPI where students develop an entrepreneurial mindset by using the Vygotsky Cycle – a learning theory that uses social interaction to strengthen comprehension -- to complement the engineering design process.

·A thought leadership piece about how metal-based catalysts can boost biofuel yields by Mike Timko, associate professor of chemical engineering, was published in Biofuels Digest.


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