Conducting on-campus interviews is an efficient, convenient way to meet WPI talent and narrow down candidates for potential job opportunities. Meetings can take place in our interview suite within the Career Development Center, which includes a waiting area, three interview rooms, and a video interview room. 

Student interviewing holding folder

There are two options for on-campus interviews:

  • You reserve the room and handle everything else, including collecting applications and signing students up for interview times; on your interview day, you provide us with the schedule. This is the most popular option for the first few days following a Career Fair, when you want to meet again with students from the event.
  •  You link a job posting to your interview day. Following an application deadline for students and a resume review period for you and your team, you decide who you’d like to interview and make those selections in Handshake. Selected students will be notified that they’ve been invited, and will sign up for an interview time; in other words, Handshake makes the schedule for you.

If choosing the second option, you select how you’d like to further specify which candidates could be eligible for the interview:

  • Preselect: There is one group of selected students that you’d like to interview.
  •  Preselect to Alternate: There are two groups of selected students that you’d like to interview—first choice candidates (who sign up first) and alternate candidates (who sign up if first choice candidates decline or don’t sign up).
  •  Preselect to Open: If no first choice candidates sign up, any student who meets the job posting’s qualifications can sign up whether they applied or not.
  •  Preselect to Alternate to Open: If no first choice or alternate candidates sign up, any student who meets the job posting’s qualifications can sign up whether they applied or not.
  • Open: Any student who meets the job posting’s qualifications can sign up.

You may schedule on-campus interviews by calling the CDC at 508- 831-5260, or by making a request through your Handshake account.