Because You Gave…

The Innovation Studio and Messenger Residence Hall is the most recent example of donor support making a positive impact on campus. The impact of your support of this and the many other active learning spaces on campus will be felt worldwide for generations to come.

Emily Curci ’17 Robert H. Beckett Scholarship Recipient

Aerospace Engineering
Johnson Space Center - NASA

“With the help of scholarship support, I went to Greece for my Interactive Qualifying Project expecting to work on my project for seven weeks, and then travel Europe. However, once in Greece I saw the refugee crisis first-hand and knew I had to something. I canceled my travel plans and volunteered in a refugee camp instead. After that experience, engineering became less of what can it do for me, and more of what can I do with it, to make the world a better place.”

Michael Eaton ’18 Mary Gammal Scholarship Recipient

Mechanical Engineering
Varsity Men’s Rowing captain
Phi Kappa Theta

“As captain of the men’s varsity rowing team and social chair for Phi Kappa Theta, I am especially thankful for the Mary Gammal Scholarship, because it allowed me to focus heavily on my academics and be involved on campus in highly meaningful ways.”

Ama Biney ’18 Varsity Basketball and Varsity Softball

Management Engineering

Varsity Basketball

Varsity Softball

United Technology Corporation 

“The support I received as a WPI athlete continues to keep me both humbled and motivated. Without my donors, I would not have had the opportunity to get a world-class education while also having the opportunity to play two varsity sports that I am very passionate about. The selfless act of donor support allowed me to grow tremendously as a person. I am now a better leader and advocate for myself, and I was able to set myself up for great success after graduation.” 

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Joe Crognale ’19 WPI General Scholarship

Chemical Engineering
Biology and Spanish minor
Varsity Men’s Rowing

“Philanthropic support from donors helped me travel to Venice for my Interactive Qualifying Project. The experience changed me and the way I see the world and helped me to explore my role in our global society. Thank you to all WPI donors for giving me the opportunity to work on a project that made a difference to the local community in Venice.”

Riley McManus

BS Civil Engineering ‘18
MS Fire Protection Engineering ‘19
WPI 2018 Commencement Speaker
Phi Gamma Delta

“Through generous donor support, I was lucky enough to travel to South Africa during my junior year for my IQP. And as I’m sure you can appreciate, seven weeks in South Africa certainly had me out of my comfort zone. But with the support of my WPI education, my classmates and our advisors, I had a truly life altering experience.”

Carolina Ramos ’17 George and Priscilla Messenger Scholarship Recipient

Mosaic Family Services, Dallas TX
Business and International Global Studies
Student Government Association
Alpha Gamma Delta

 “My global projects support has both prepared and inspired me to do great things. For me, my Interactive Qualifying Project work in Morocco was a life changing opportunity. I thank all the WPI donors for impacting my life and the lives of so many WPI students in such an important and meaningful way."

Kerry Muenchow ’19 Medwin Music Scholarship Recipient

Chemical Engineering 
Medwin Honors String Quartet
String Ensemble
Engineers without Borders

“When choosing a college, one of my main criteria was finding a school where I could continue playing music while pursuing an engineering degree. The Medwin Music Scholarship enables me to enter the music community in Massachusetts and continue performing at a high level. Thank you to donors for supporting music at WPI and allowing me to have the incredible opportunity to perform in a professional string quartet."

Sergio Salvatore ‘02 Robert H. Beckett Scholarship Recipient

Computer Science

Senior Director, Core Infrastructure, Vimeo

Chairman of WPI Arts & Sciences Advisory Board

Steinway Artist

“My WPI scholarship took a significant portion of the burden of tuition off the shoulders of my parents who were helping to fund my time at WPI. I am immensely grateful to my donors, Robert and Patricia Beckett, for their generosity and vision and hope that someday I might follow in their footsteps.”

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Donor support benefits the entire WPI community

Donor support of WPI Arts and Humanities programs allows for the enhancement of community life across campus. A concert featuring the WPI Orchestra, Brass Ensemble, and Festival Chorus served as an opportunity for WPI alumni and guests to spend time on campus and interact with WPI students, faculty, and staff. 

Zoe Reidinger ’15 PhD

PhD Biomedical Engineering ‘15
Assistant Teaching Professor

 “Support from the Class of 1957 Excellence in Teaching endowment gave me the tuition assistance I needed as a graduate student to take all six certification courses that would also count toward my PhD. I am now in my third year teaching at WPI as an Assistant Teaching Professor in the Biomedical Engineering department, and I received the department’s Teacher of the year award.”

Rajib B. Mallick, PhD, PE, F.ASCE

Ralph H. White Family Professorship

 “The Ralph H. White Family Professorship has a tremendous positive impact on my work and professional development. Support from the chaired professorship has enabled me to explore, develop and implement both teaching- and research- related construction engineering concepts and will benefit departments of transportation and the public in general, by enabling the design and construction of better, more durable and sustainable roads.

John C. Metzger Jr. Professorship in Chemistry

Arne Gericke Dr. rer. nat.

“My colleagues and I are extraordinarily grateful for the generous support provided to our department through the John C. Metzger Jr. Professorship in Chemistry. When I came to WPI, I knew that WPI was an exceptional institution and as Mr. and Mrs. John C. Metzger truly cherished WPI, I have come to as well. Going forward, it is my goal that our department is not only recognized for its distinctive, high quality educational programs but also for the exceptional, high impact research of its faculty.”

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