“This scholarship is a great help for me personally because my parents have a limited ability to assist me financially as they recently lost their home to foreclosure. Your scholarship has allowed me to minimize the debt incurred by my education, allowing me to focus on my studies and extra-curricular activities. After graduation I would like to pursue pilot training and become a fighter pilot in the United States Air Force. Your scholarship is helping make this dream possible, and I can’t thank you enough for this financial assistance and investment in my future.”
Miles S. ’16
Recipient of John Busada ’39 Scholarship

“I am thankful for receiving this scholarship because what this means to me is that I now have choices in life. What this scholarship means to me is that I can do anything that I set my heart and mind to. It means that someone out there searched through the millions of students that hoped to obtain a secondary education, saw my potential, and chose me. No matter how much I have struggled in the past, or struggle in the present, my WPI education means that someone out there sees me as an important person. Without your scholarship, I would not be here. Words cannot express my gratitude.”
Tyree R. ’15
Recipient of Robert H. Beckett ’57 Scholarship

“Your dedication and generosity has strengthened the women’s crew program in more ways than we could have imagined. The team was able to grow from two boats to four boats thanks to the racing shells that you donated. Because of the rowing tank facility that you also provided, WPI is the only division three program in the northeast to have rowing tanks. We are now able to compete at the same level as top tier rowing programs in our division. We are so grateful for your support that when the women’s team received our newest racing shell you gave us, we decided to name it after you, our No. 1 supporter and loyal fan.”
Elizabeth A. ’14
Women’s Crew Team Captain to Ms. Babs Donahue

“Your vision positions WPI students to move from good ideas, to creating project teams, to building prototypes, to taking projects to commercial markets. Because of your generosity, WPI can now take The WPI Plan to the next level by providing our students with an innovation hub.”
Provost Eric Overstrom on the repurposing of Alumni Gym
To lead donors George and Karen Oliver ’82, ExxonMobil Foundation, FLEXcon Company, David and Joan Szkutak ’79, and Edna and Doug Noiles ’44

“I was born in Colombia. Sadly, it was very dangerous there, and I was kidnapped. This incident urged my parents to bring my brother and me to the United States, and my arrival to this country is what started my new life for me. Since day one, I knew I was going to be the first in my family to graduate from college. Since money has been very scarce, I knew I was going to need some help in making these dreams come true. It is your help that keeps my dream alive.”
Juan T. ’16
Recipient of James ’39 and Shirley Bartlett Scholarship

“My parents greatly appreciate your aid and support. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year, which greatly added to our family’s personal expenses along with my bill for WPI. Since the treatments and trials of going through cancer cause her stress, she is thankful that your scholarship is there to relieve some of the financial burden. I cannot express my gratitude to you for giving me this amazing opportunity to attend WPI, which has always been a dream of mine. I will always remember your kindness and generosity for the rest of my life.”
Alyssa D. ’14
Recipient of Ralph H. White Scholarship

“My Grandpa spent most of his days making nails, fasteners, etc. for the neighborhood machinists. It is a special moment when I am able to explain how these machines work. In this way, we connect, and that connection, is due to your generous support. With your gift, I now want to give back. I’m strongly considering the Peace Corps after graduation. I wish you could have seen the look on my Grandpa’s face when I told him this: his happiness went beyond his eyes, and he was truly proud. I feel so lucky to receive this scholarship.”
Meg C. ’15
Recipient of Beton Michael Kaneb ’25 Memorial Scholarship

“Your generosity has given me the courage to pursue a double major. Because of this decision, I have received far more interest from employers. I have lost a bit of time with my open-heart surgery, but I have never lost faith in my personal and academic objectives, thanks in great part to your generous gift.”
Kevin H. ’14
Recipient of Robert Foisie ’56 Scholarship

“Your enormous generosity has allowed me to plan on pursuing an M.D./Ph.D. after graduation. There are so many opportunities that I have had that would have been impossible were it not for this wonderful scholarship. You have made it possible for me to attend this wonderful university and leave with essentially no debt, which makes achieving my goals of graduate school that much more attainable.”
Keith G. ’15
Recipient of Robert Foisie ’56 Scholarship

“My MQP team is working to enhance the seeding process of stem cells on fibrin microthreads for localized placement on the heart for cardiac regeneration. I also hope to obtain an MS/BS degree in 5 years. Neither of these great experiences would be possible without your generous donation. I will someday do what you are doing and give back to the greatest collegiate community in the country!”
Sean K. ’14
Recipient of Norton/St. Gobain Scholarship

“My parents left India to ensure that my brother and I could receive the best education possible. In order to save money for college, they didn’t go home to visit our relatives for a period of ten years. It brings my mother so much happiness to know that you are willing to help us in accomplishing the task that my parents set out to do thirty years ago.”
Salik S. ’14
Recipient of Aram Kalenian ’33 Scholarship