Your Impact

When you give to WPI, you help make a WPI education accessible to more bright, motivated students. You help WPI attract academic leaders and innovators who will prepare our graduates for anything the future holds. You support WPI’s physical campus and ensure it keeps pace with our forward-looking, award-winning educational model.

Take a look below at just a few of the ways your gifts make an impact.

How one scholarship can change the world...

Hear how scholarship recipient Julie Bliss Mullen '12 was able to find her passion and change the world



Philanthropic support allows WPI to offer competitive financial aid to recruit the world’s top young minds, like Jeremy Tiller ’22, who built a flying car before deciding that WPI was the right place to pursue his passions and create new inventions.


Experiential Learning

Project work is central to the WPI plan and a core part of the university’s mission. Through global project experiences, major qualifying projects, and competitions, students transform your investment into immediate impact at home and abroad. With the help of donor support, all students can complete life-changing project work.



Professor of Chemical Engineering Jennifer Wilcox is currently conducting research on how to remove carbon dioxide from the air we breathe. Donor support of research like this is helping to save the planet.


WPI students don’t wait until they graduate to change the world. They’re changing it today. In fact, a record number of invention disclosures and patents were filed by students this year.



Our outstanding faculty have earned us a #1 ranking in schools that do the best in combining scholarly research with classroom instruction. Donor support helps us recruit faculty like Reeta Rao, who received the 2018 SIMB Waksman Outstanding Teaching Award for excellence in teaching, mentoring, and research.



By teaching students within a curriculum firmly rooted in the complex human context, WPI prepares students to be humanist engineers and scientists who understand the wide-ranging influence the STEM disciplines have on the world. Your support of the university is developing the next generation of well-rounded change-makers.