The WPI Robotics Resource Center works with area groups to provide grants which improve equity and access in Robotics. 

Since 2021, WPI has worked with the Massachusetts Executive Office of Education to distribute over $800,000 in funds to local teachers and schools.  Through these programs, we have trained educators of in-school and after-school programs to better integrate hands-on learning and robotics, reaching students from grades 2-12 with diverse skillsets and experiences.


WPI Robotics Grants

STEM Week Grants

Funded by the MA EOE, these annual grants are available to any educator in Massachusetts for in-school and after-school enrichment programs.  Grant commitment includes using the provided kids with at least 72 unique students within 3 years of receiving the grants.  Each grant recipient receives a minimum of 6 kits, which stay with the recipient not the school or organization, as well as professional development and training. 

  • Stats from each year
  • 2024: Grant status TBD

Find out more information about STEM Week Grants.



High Quality Curriculum Grant

In the 2022-23 and 2023-24 school years, the WPI RRC has been piloting a program in area schools to implement in-classroom robotics across 6th, 7th, and 8th grades to evaluate the impact it has on students' engagement with STEM in high school.  By providing this experience universally, the goal is to minimize traditional barriers of after-school programs and conscience and unconscious biases of students and educators associated with participating in elective classes.

As of 2024, the program is actively being piloted in the Fitchburg and Randolph school systems. We hope to receive a new grant to allow the continued expansion of this program across more schools utilizing the XRP.



WIN Grant

In March of 2024, the WPI RRC received a grant from WPI’s Women’s Industry Network (WIN) to improve access to robotics among female-identifying students and improve outcomes through classes taught by female-identifying instructors.  

An application will be posted soon.