Robotics Resource Center

The Robotics Resource Center (RRC) at WPI improves access to hands-on learning in STEM for all. Through our resources and expertise, the RRC ensures that high-quality robotics education and opportunities—and the important connecting, sharing, and receiving information—are available to everyone. To do this, the RRC provides mechanical, electrical, and programming resources, conducts community outreach, hosts competitions and conferences, and celebrates and enhances the unique opportunities available at WPI. 

As the first university in the nation to offer a bachelor’s degree in robotics engineering and one of the first robotics graduate programs in the nation, robotics is woven into the fabric of WPI.


Preview a small robotic lego vechicle on a table

Robotics Events

The enthusiasm for robotics extends from classrooms and projects into inspiring younger students with all kinds of robotics events, including FIRST and VEX, throughout the year.


Preview students working around a large game table with legos for FIRST robotics competition

Program Management

The WPI Robotics Resource Center supports on- and off-campus programs that help to advance access and knowledge to STEM and robotics including initiatives such as FIRST and VEX Robotics Competitions and managing the essential WPILib.

Preview a student working on a robotic component


The WPI Robotics Resource Center works with area groups to provide grants which improve equity and access in robotics. 

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Scholarships are open to students who are interested in learning more about robotics. WPI has scholarships open to FIRST Tech Challenge and to FIRST Global participants. And scholarships to attend WPI are available to students involved in VEX. 

Preview looking at Alden in the spring with pink blossoms on trees

Staffing & Leadership

WPI staff share their expertise throughout the robotics community and serve with several committee memberships, leadership roles, and key volunteer positions at regional and district events.  

Interested in robotics at WPI?

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