Gates Cambridge Scholarship

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Cambridge University

Gates Cambridge Scholarships enable the brightest of the world's young leaders and scholars to undertake graduate study at Cambridge University.  Gates Cambridge Scholars are expected to have outstanding academic records with leadership potential and a commitment to serve their communities. The scholarships support one- to four-years of graduate study, from one-year master's programs to PhD degrees.

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Year Recipient Name Title Awarded by Type Department Details
2013 Nouran Abdelfattah Gates Cambridge Scholarship Winner Cambridge University Graduate Biology & Biotechnology, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Growing up in Cairo, in the midst of the overwhelming inequalities in the healthcare system, I wanted nothing more than to become a practicing physician focused on improving healthcare quality for all. As I became integrated in the science behind the medical field, I was hooked. During my undergraduate studies at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, I have become fascinated by the field of cancer biology and its vast molecular processes. For my senior thesis at Harvard Medical School, I chose to focus on stem cell biology and cancer using the genetically-tractable zebrafish model of T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Since then, my passion is to understand the molecular underpinnings governing the genesis of tumors and be able to relate my studies in human patients. I am very honored to become part of the Gates community and I hope to one day contribute to the growth of translational research and become a leader in the Oncology field.