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The work of the Biology and Biotechnology Department at WPI goes far beyond the theoretical. Our faculty members and students are creative problem solvers who are passionate about using biological concepts in innovative, applicable ways. Ranging from cancer biology and infectious disease research to studies of brain plasticity and the health effects of environmental contaminants, student-driven research at WPI is making an impact.

Our state-of-the-art research facilities, housed at the Life Sciences and Bioengineering Center, support collaborations among students, faculty, and company researchers from across disciplines, enabling free exchanges of ideas that lead to important advances in healthcare, therapeutics, regenerative biology, the environment, and more.

OUR MISSION is to deliver the highest quality Life Science education through including project-based learning, foster research that enriches our understanding of life's principles and impacts health and to build a community that nurtures a sense of collegiality and shared responsibility.

OUR VISION is to cultivate scientific literacy and curiosity among students and to generate new knowledge through our research that drives change for the better.

OUR Values are centered around knowledge, skill and community.

OUR COMMUNITY includes undergraduates (our best ambassadors, tuition driven institution),  Masters' students (work force development), Doctoral students (research), K-12 (pipeline, outreach), alumni, faculty, staff, and parents.



Degree is also offered online.
Area of Study Bachelor Minor Certificate Master PhD
Bioinformatics & Computational Biology bachelor master phd
Biology minor
Biology & Biotechnology bachelor master phd
Biomanufacturing Online certificate
Bioscience Management Online master
Biotechnology master
This degree is also offered Online.
Global Public Health minor
Life Sciences Management Online certificate
Neuroscience master
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Undergraduate Research Projects Showcase

A celebration of research, design, and creative theses—a requirement of every graduating senior through the Major Qualifying Project (MQP)—takes place each spring on campus. Student teams representing all academic departments present their work to their faculty advisors, external sponsors, and the community-at-large, and the public is invited.


Beating Cancer at Its Own Game

Assistant professor Amity Manning is leading a three-year research projected funded by the National Institutes of Health to explore the molecular mechanisms associated with the genetic mutations and chromosome instability observed in all cancer cells.

The goal is to turn the genetic tables against cancer by learning more about the molecular basis of cancer cells' uncontrolled growth.

Meet Our Students

Sakshi Joglekar ‘24
Sakshi Joglekar ‘24
BS, Biology & Biotechnology; Psychology

International student Sakshi loves to share her culture with others and leans on the support of the community to help her thrive[...]

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Sabine Hahn
Sabine Hahn
PhD, Biology & Biotechnology

As a PhD student, Sabine enjoys discovering the large range of opportunities a STEM education and a career provides[...]

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Preview Ellzabeth Deloreto

Congratulations Elizabeth Diloreto

Congrats to the WPI Biology Grad student Elizabeth Diloreto for being selected to the Genetics Society of America Early Career Leadership Program. Liz is a graduate student working in the Srinivasan Lab on elucidating how neuropeptides govern innate behavior.


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