Sustainability Project Competition

Awarded by
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

WPI students have submitted sustainability-themed projects in one of three categories: first-year, undergraduate, and graduate.  These sustainability-themed projects each address a present societal need without compromising our ability to meet the needs of future generations. Projects address environmental, social, and/or economic themes that relate to sustainability.

Judges for the competition include WPI staff and faculty as well as regional sustainability experts.

Browse Sustainability Project Competition Recipients

Year Recipient Award Level Type Department Details
2022 Nick Tomasetti, Nico Alvarado, Ben Mason, Anonymous Winner Undergraduate Sustainability

Using Media to Influence Agricultural Perceptions on Climate Change

2022 Rafaello Adler-Abramo Winner Undergraduate Sustainability

Massachusetts Climate Resilience Policy, Planning, and the Needs of People with Disabilities:  Paths to Improvement

2022 Munevver Elif Asar Sarikaya Winner Graduate Sustainability

Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Energy_intensive Industrial Drying by Novel Drying Methods

2021 Gabriel Espinosa; Alexander Wadsworth; Jack Hanlon Winner Undergraduate Sustainability

Small Scale Carbon Capture Implementation and Utilization at Worcester Polytechnic Institute

2021 Emilia Perez; Chase Gaudino; Lauren Kaija; Hannah Schulz; Trisha Worthington Winner Undergraduate Sustainability

Preparing for the Rise: A Study of Boston’s Sea Level & Designs for Coastal Resiliency

2021 Zahra Noori Winner Graduate Sustainability

Experimental Study of Drying of Paper with Ultrasound Mechanism

2021 Munevver Elif Asar Sarikaya Winner Graduate Sustainability

Reducing Carbon Footprint of Energy-Intensive Industrial Drying by Smart Dryers