WPI seeks to foster a community that produces innovative ideas and practical solutions to the complex problems associated with each component of sustainability. We offer resources for current and prospective students as well as members of the community to learn more about how WPI's sustainability goals, accomplishments, and areas of improvement. It is also a great resource for those looking to have a bigger part in sustainability on campus or in their lives. Although our annual reports provide an excellent snapshot of academics, research, campus life, and operations, the website shows a continuous story of the institution’s commitment to environmental preservation, social justice, and economic prosperity.

Bikeshare Team


WPI students are making continuous efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Be part of the movement! Check out our recycling guidelines and join the reusable container program.



Gompei's Gears Bike Share is up and running!


The Worcester Roots Project and the Regional Environmental Project have made huge strides in providing local, healthy food to the Worcester community. You can support their efforts by buying from a number of farmer's markets or volunteering at a community farm.


About Us

Our Sustainability Plan

The WPI Sustainability Plan (PDF) is an initiative launched by the WPI Task Force on Sustainability in the Spring of 2012. This plan has a broad scope and deep implications for the WPI community. It is not so narrow as a Climate Action Plan addressing carbon emissions, or a commitment to social justice, or an energy efficiency charge to renovate the campus, but a document enveloping all these aspects. 

The Sustainability Advisory Committee was created to provide leadership and coordination for WPI's campus-wide efforts directed toward enhancing the long-term sustainability of WPI's activities and in supporting WPI's educational mission with regard to sustainability.

Check out the latest Campus Sustainability Report (PDF, 2.52MB) for an update on how the school is achieving its sustainability goals and what could be improved upon.

Sustainability Reports