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It is important to give credit where credit is due when writing a research paper or working on a project. Citing sources can be an easier process with some basic knowledge and some helpful tools. The Library has a brief guide covering the basics of citation including avoiding plagiarism, formatting citations, and finding the citation information needed for different types of sources.

Library Research Guide - Citing Sources

View the research guide on citing sources for information on different citation styles and what they look like.

Citation Managers

Use one of the following convenient citation management tools to help organize sources--available for students, faculty, and staff. You can use them to compile lists of sources, format them into a bibliography for any citation style, and create in-text references or footnotes within a paper.


Library Research Guide - Copyright

Copyright is another way to give proper credit, and applies when you are considering re-using large portions of textual content, or re-using images, sound clips, and video clips in your work. Learn more about copyright and how to navigate that in your work on our copyright research guide.

Contact Us

For any questions on citations, citation managers, copyright, and the ethical use of information, email and the librarians will be happy to help.