Research Off Campus

Gordon Library provides off-campus access to digital and print collections to all students, faculty, and staff. This access serves distance learners and students, faculty, or staff who are temporarily away from campus, and there are several ways to access the library's materials. 

Off-Campus Access to Electronic Resources

From off campus, all current WPI faculty, students, and staff can access electronic resources through the WPI Library Search or the library's database page with their WPI username and password. Accessing resources through the library website while off campus ensures that users are seamlessly connected to all content subscribed to by the Gordon Library.

You can also configure your Google Scholar settings to access the full-text of library resources while searching Google Scholar on- or off-campus, or use a browser bookmarklet to obtain access to a library resource while off-campus.

Configure Google Scholar Settings to Access Library Resources

Configure your Google Scholar settings to access the full text of library resources whenever you search Google Scholar. 

  1. Go to Google Scholar and into the settings.
  2. Under the Library Links tab, search for: Worcester Polytechnic Institute - FullTextFinder@WPI
  3. Select this choice and save your settings. 

This will work both on- and off-campus.

Browser Bookmarklet for Off-campus Access

If you are accessing a resource that the library subscribes to, but the webpage you are visiting does not know to prompt you for your WPI credentials, you can add the WPI Library Bookmarklet to your browser to get access to the resource.

  1. Drag and drop this to your favorites toolbar: Reload via WPI Lib 
  2. If you are at a website that you suspect WPI provides access to, click the Reload via WPI Lib button on your toolbar and the page will reload with a prompt to login to WPI Library.

WPI's Virtual Private Network (VPN) may be used for access to subscription information resources through the library but it is important to note that this option is only effective for some users.

When linking to library resources, such as in Canvas, add the following prefix to the link:

 See more detailed instructions on how to link to library resources in Canvas.

Request assistance from a librarian via email at

Books and Interlibrary Loan

  • Register for an Interlibrary Loan account to request print materials from Gordon Library as well as materials from other libraries. When setting up the account, please use the address that the materials should be delivered to and use the Notes field to indicate distance learning status. Return mailing labels will be provided by the Library for the safe return of materials. Learn more about borrowing from Gordon Library's collection or about borrowing from other libraries.
  • To find materials locally, search to see if a local library owns the material. Many academic libraries will allow visitors to browse and use materials while they are there.

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