2013 Salisbury Prize

April 17, 2013

Winners have been announced for the 2013 Salisbury Prize.  This award was instituted in 1871 by Stephen Salisbury, President of the Board of Trustees, to recognize “students who shall finish the prescribed course of this Institute with the greatest faithfulness and excellence.”

Salisbury Prizes for 2013
Nouran Saied Abdelfattah,  Biochemistry and Biology & Biotechnology
Alexandra Clemente,  Biomedical Engineering
Cara L. DiIorio, Chemistry
Erika S. DiLorenzo, Actuarial Mathematics
Patrick B. Ford,  Environmental Engineering
Kevin Hufnagle,  Computer Science and Professional Writing
Zehao Li,  Physics and Mathematical Sciences
Cindy S. Lin, Civil Engineering
Jennifer Marie Mann,  Biomedical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering
Kun Peng,  Management Information Systems
Brenna Pugliese,  Biology & Biotechnology
Jillian Sauer,  Interactive Media and Game Development
Mariah R. Seaboldt,  Civil Engineering
Jared R. Snell,  Chemical Engineering
Cing Lun Thang,  Mechanical Engineering
Sheila Werth,  Electrical and Computer Engineering
Chuqiao Yang,  Mathematical Sciences and Physics