Advising Award

November 15, 2013

Nominate Academic Advisor of the Year

Since 1991, WPI has presented the Board of Trustees’ Award for Outstanding Academic Advising, an award to recognize a professor who has provided exceptional academic support and guidance. (From 1991 through 1999, it was called the Tau Beta Pi Award for Outstanding Academic Advising.)

For many students, working closely with a faculty advisor to plan out courses, discuss academic progress, and chat about career opportunities has made the difference for a successful year at WPI. Being supportive and offering assistance to developing students are the cornerstone of the Academic Advisor award.

Nominations are being accepted through Monday, November 18.



To nominate a professor, email Paul Riley, director of academic advising, at and include the following information:

Professor’s Name


Why you think your nominee deserves the Board of Trustees’ Award for Outstanding Academic Advising

According to Riley, the committee is made up of the director of Academic Advising, two faculty members (one engineering, one non-engineering) appointed by CASL (Committee on Advising and Student Life), and three undergraduate students (two from Tau Beta Pi, one non-engineering from SGA).


1991  John F. Zeugner

1992  Mary M. Hardell

1993  John Griffin

1994  Kent P. Ljungquist

1995  Robert A. D’Andrea

1996  Leonard D. Albano

1997  Jill Rulfs

1998  Michael A. Gennert

1999  Richard F. Vaz

2000  David S. Adams

2001  Alexander E. Emanuel

2002  Phillip E. Robakiewicz

2003  Jonathan R. Barnett

2004  George D. Pins

2004  Ann Garvin

2005  Jeanine D. Plummer

2006  Carolann Koleci

2007  Jon P. Abraham

2008  Kristen Billiar

2009  Sergey N. Makarov

2010  Holly K. Ault

2011  David S. Adams

2012  Marsha Rolle

Doreen Manning