2023 Presidents IQP award entry survey is now open


Applications are now open for the 2023 Presidents IQP awards.

Student teams who have completed IQP in 2022-2023 may now enter the 2022 Presidents IQP award

Entry deadline is Friday, September 28, 2023 . 


Entry Rules and Guidelines

  1. A project may be submitted after its completion. Completion is defined as follows: If the Registrar has recorded the Completion of Degree Requirement form (CDR), the project is completed for those students named on the forms.
  2. A project may be submitted only once.
  3. To enter the competition, the project author(s) must:
    • Submit all entries via online survey
    • Submit an Executive Summary (file size 16MB max) of no more than five single-spaced pages in 12pt font. Note: You may revise the executive summary submitted with your final project report for this purpose. This summary should accurately represent the report and call attention to those features of the project which are felt to be outstanding and worthy of consideration by the Awards Committee. This summary is a major factor in the preliminary appraisal stage. Projects are unlikely to get beyond the preliminaries if the summary is poorly written. We urge you to discuss your Executive Summary with your advisor.
    • Project report. Normally, electronic copies of the project are available in the Gordon Library's database. A link to the report should be provided on the entry form. if the report is not available through the library please consult with Ruth McKeogh in IGSD (rmckeogh@wpi.edu) regarding access to the report.
    • Notify your IQP advisor(s) that you will be entering your project in the competition. Project advisors will be asked to comment, in writing, on the project for the Awards Committee. A positive recommendation from the advisor(s) is required before a project will move beyond the preliminary stage to the finalist stage.
    • Accuracy of information in this survey is important as the survey triggers an email to the advisors. Correct spellings on names and email addresses are needed.


The competition finalist presentations will be in person on Friday, 26 January 2024.  

For additional information, contact Ruth McKeogh - rmckeogh@wpi.edu

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