2022 STARs and DraftKings Scholars Announced


School of Arts & Sciences

The School of Arts & Sciences is pleased to announce the undergraduate students who were selected to receive a 2022 Summer Training in the Arts and Sciences (STAR) and 2022 DraftKings fellowship awards. STAR fellowships are made possible through the generosity of WPI’s Arts & Sciences Advisory Board and were awarded to A&S undergraduate student to conduct summer research projects with a faculty advisor. The DraftKings Fellowships are made possible by a generous gift from the DraftKings corporation to support work that elevates the impact of advanced research in information science and technology; each student also works with a faculty advisor. We congratulate all award recipients.

Summer Training in the Arts and Sciences (STAR) Award Recipients
Lauren Abraham

Class of 2024
Major: Biology & Biotechnology
Advisor: Natalie Farny - Assistant Professor of Biology

Abigail Boafo

Class of 2024
Major: Science, Technology, & Policy
Major: Computer Science
Advisor: Crystal Brown - Assistant Professor of Social Science & Policy Studies

Thomas Kneeland

Class of 2024
Major: Computer Science
Major: Humanities with focus in Music
Advisor: Ben Young - Jazz History Database Director

Daniel Larrabee

Class of 2023
Major: Bioinfomatics & Computational Biology
Minor: Chinese Studies
Advisor: Scarlet Shell - Associate Professor of Biology & Biotechnology

Cole Parks

Class of 2024
Major: Robotics Engineering
Major: Computer Science
Advisor: Carlo Pinciroli - Assistant Professor of Robotics Engineering

Rachel Swanson

Class of 2023
Major: Chemistry
Major: Chemical Engineering
Advisor: Patricia Musacchio - Assistant Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Camille Williams

Class of 2025
Major: Mathematics
Major: Physics
Advisor: Vadim Yakovlev - Associate Research Professor of Mathematical Sciences

2022 DraftKings Award Recipients
Sydney Gardner

Class of 2023
Major: Interactive Media & Game Development
Minor: Computer Science
Advisor: Farley Chery - Associate Professor of Teaching of Interactive Media Game Development

Allison Rozear

Class of 2024
Major: Human & Machine Communications
Advisor: Yunus Telliel - Assistant Professor of Anthropology & Rhetoric