School of Arts & Sciences

The School of Arts & Sciences is pleased to announce that student applications are being accepted for the 2022 Summer Training in Arts & Sciences Research (STAR) Award program. These fellowship stipends will support WPI undergraduate students to conduct A&S research projects full-time for two months during the summer of 2022. These awards are generously funded by the A&S Advisory Board. Funding is competitive and limited.

To be funded, proposed research projects must be in one of the arts & sciences disciplines (this includes all majors and programs under the A&S departments, including robotics engineering). The selection committee will consider materials submitted by the student and the proposed faculty research mentor.

Important Note:

All summer research will need to be conducted in compliance with campus operation guidelines in place at the time the research will be conducted.


All first-year, sophomore, and junior WPI students pursuing a major in a department or program in the Arts & Sciences are eligible for these fellowships.


Applications are due by March 21, 2022. (APPLICATION SITE NOW CLOSED)

Application Process

Applicants should start by discussing their interests with potential faculty research mentors. Once the student has identified a research mentor and project, the student submits the following materials (PDF only please!) using the online application:  

  • Brief description of the research project and how this work fits into your academic plan or career goals;
  • Brief personal statement on your relevant experience (including course work, independent study, or projects that show your ability to work through open-ended questions);
  • Resume;
  • Letter of support from faculty mentor for the proposed research project;
  • Other supporting materials (optional, PDF only).

The brief descriptions of the proposed research project and the applicant’s relevant experience should each be limited to 500 words or fewer.

Award Details and Stipend

  • This is a full-time appointment for two months (students will negotiate start and end dates with their mentor).
  • The stipend is $5000 total: $2500 paid at the end of June; $2500 paid at the end of July.

Questions?  Please contact Rebecca Ouellette in the Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences at