Summer is nearly here! Whether it’s a slow time for you or a busy time, the university is working to support rest and relaxation as creatively and equitably as possible. It’s important to take time off when you can. 

Below is information about our shorter summer hours, extra personal days to use this summer, no-meeting Fridays, and other details.

Summer Hours: As is our usual practice (and one we will formalize as policy moving forward), hours of operation will be shortened by 30 minutes each day from May 15 through August 18:

  • 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM for full-time, exempt employees 
  • 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM for full-time, non-exempt employees

Non-exempt employees should use the payroll time type “Hours Not Worked – Summer Hours/Inclement Weather” for reporting the 30 minutes each day. 

Personal Time Off for Summer 2023: This summer, WPI will provide three “personal days” for staff to use between May 15 and August 18. These flexible days replace the weekly four-hour block of time that was granted the last two summers in light of the extraordinary circumstances our campus had weathered during the pandemic and mental health crisis. While we recognize that COVID-19 and mental health challenges remain, the four-hour blocks presented equity, service, and financial issues and will be discontinued. 


We hope these personal days—which are for this summer only—will give staff and their supervisors/managers greater ability to plan for and use the extra time in a way that is equitable and flexible for all. When using these personal days, please use the payroll time type “Hours Not Worked – Summer Hours/Inclement Weather.”

“No Meeting” Fridays: We strongly encourage “no meeting” Fridays throughout the summer, which allows time to catch up on work, plan, or take time away from work for rest and rejuvenation.

Plan and Use Your Vacation Time: While summer can be among the busiest times for many departments, we strongly encourage you to work with your manager/supervisor to plan for and use your vacation time this season, or another, to ensure you get the benefit of time away from work.

Flexible Hours and Remote Work Options: As you know, we instituted our formal Remote/Hybrid Work Policy this past year. We encourage you to take advantage of this flexibility over the summer months where you can. Please work with your manager/supervisor to arrange a schedule that meets the needs of your department’s operations while also providing the opportunity to take advantage of our flexible work policy.

Thank you all for your efforts throughout this past year in support of our students and each other.