Dear WPI Employees and Students, 

As part of our due diligence work to prepare campus for our unified communications update, we have discovered the hard-wired wall phones used for safety purposes in some rooms on campus (e.g., chemical labs, machine shops) are currently not working. IT Services has engaged an electrical contractor to restore service to these phones as soon as possible. You can view the list of impacted rooms and a timeline for service restoration (WPI login required to view), and signage will be placed on the doors of these rooms.

Buildings known to be impacted:  

  • Goddard Hall 

  • Washburn Labs 

  • Higgins Lab 

  • Olin Hall 

  • Salisbury Labs 

  • Atwater Kent 

  • Kaven Hall 

Action needed:  

  • Be prepared to use mobile phones in these buildings to call Campus Police at 508-831-5555 in the event of an emergency until phone services are restored. Add Campus Police to your mobile phone contact list. 

  • If you identify additional safety telephone issues or have questions, please contact



Vijay Menta (he/him/his)  

Vice President and Chief Information Officer 

Information Technology Services 


Stephen C. Marsh 

Chief of Police 

WPI Police