This year, the Skull Senior Honor Society recognized Alexse LaGuerre (she/her) as the honoree of the First Year of the Year Award for the Class of 2025. LaGuerre is a Management Information Systems (BS) major with a minor in Computer Science.

Over the past year, LaGuerre has demonstrated a dedication to Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) that sets her apart from her peers. LaGuerre has taken on a variety of leadership roles within her first year. In B-term of her first year she became the Technical Outreach and Community Help Chair for the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE). Additionally, when the organization needed someone to step up, LaGuerre took on the role of the Pre-Collegiate Initiatives Chair position. In these roles, LaGuerre tied the organization to the Greater Worcester community, creating service opportunities for the WPI NSBE Chapter as well as long-term partnerships.

Community is important to LaGuerre; throughout her first year until present day she has been devoted to creating a better community and experience at WPI for those identifying as Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC). LaGuerre works closely with professors, the Office of the President, and the Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Multicultural Education (ODIME) to research the Black experience at WPI and has brought about impactful long-term change to the community.

Outside of these roles, LaGuerre is a Residential Advisor (RA) for the Housing & Residential Experience Center and has served as a member of the Mental Health Implementation Team (MHIT) on the Student Life Committee.

LaGuerre has become a significant student advocate for her peers. The dedication LaGuerre exhibits toward her peers, community, and campus is truly admirable. Congratulations to Alexse LaGuerre, the Class of 2025 First Year of the Year!


The Senior Honor Society is a group of students, faculty, and staff involved in multiple areas of campus who are committed to keeping the spirit and traditions of WPI alive. These are individuals who deeply care about the community but usually operate under the radar, giving back while receiving nothing in return. The Senior Honor Society recognizes exceptional people who have made an impact on campus.

The First Year of the Year (FYOTY) trophy is awarded to a current sophomore who is being recognized for the work they did to impact campus as a first year student. This individual embodies the idea of helping others while not expecting praise, instead focusing on improving the WPI community for all.