Alumni Association Philanthropy



For well over one-hundred years the WPI Alumni Association has been working to not only strengthen alumni's ties with each other and the university, but also to support scholarship and student experience at WPI. Awarding over $120,000 in support to the university annually, the association is one of WPI’s most loyal and generous philanthropic donors. Although, the vast majority of the Alumni Association’s annual support goes to scholarship, the group also supports areas ranging from The Women of WPI and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs to the WPI Ring Ceremony and Tech Bibles and beanies for first- year students.

"The Alumni Association has given student scholarships since its inception. We hope this inspires other alumni to give to WPI, and that students see our support and will similarly support WPI in the future."
Mike Abrams '77

Alumni Association Treasurer Daniel Sullivan ’12 recently shared, “We believe this ongoing engagement and connection between students and alumni is part of what makes WPI great and what sets it apart from other schools. WPI is theory, practice, and impact... and WPI is also people helping people.” Most recently, the Alumni Association awarded support to the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) to help expand the Connections Pre-Orientation Program. “I was elated to learn of this gift from the Alumni Association. The funds will alleviate financial stressors to worthy students and their families by supporting E-Term summer courses, books, and supplies.” says Arnold Lane, Associate Director of Multicultural Affairs.