Veda Booth '18

Veda Booth '18

Veda Booth ’18 is a member-at-large on the WPI Alumni Association Board of Directors and one of the founders of the WPI Alumni of Color Association. Below, she discusses her WPI experience and shares advice for students and recent graduates. 

Q: Looking back, what was the most valuable experience or lesson learned at WPI that continues to shape your life today?

A: I always say going abroad for my IQP at WPI was one of the best experiences in my life to date and one of the most valuable things I've done at WPI. I think the combination of being immersed in another country's culture combined with working on a team of students who are outside of your major is important in developing adults who are collaborative, understanding global citizens. 

Q: What advice would you share with students today? With recent graduates?

A: With students my advice is always try to use your time at WPI to explore something new, whether that be a new sport, club, class, etc. But also to remember these 4 years are just a tiny portion of your life and you'll have many more years to figure out life post-graduation (I'm still figuring out mine right now!).

I have somewhat similar advice for recent grads, which is to embrace exploring career paths outside of your major. Sometimes it may feel like you have to go down one path just because you got your degree in a certain field, but your degree is just another great tool in your toolbox. I graduated as ECE and now work in Marketing Operations at a Finance company!

Q: What are the ways you’ve stayed connected to/involved with WPI and the people you met here? Why would you encourage others to stay connected?

A: A few alumni and myself founded the WPI Alumni of Color Association a few years back to help advocate for advanced racial equity at WPI and foster a sense of community among alumni of color. We host events both in person and virtually and welcome all alumni of color and allies to join and support. Follow @wpi_aca on Instagram for our current news!

I think it's important to stay connected with your alma mater not only to promote improvements that you may want for the campus, but also to continue to build a network of knowledge sharing between students and alumni.