Pick Up COVID Test Kits Before Break

This message was sent to the WPI Community March 1, 2023.

If you are leaving campus for the C/D Term break, please remember to pick up a few free COVID test kits on campus before you go.  We are still in flu season and COVID is still very active in our area. Both can cause very serious illness in older and very young people, and in anyone with certain health conditions. Help protect them (and yourself!) as you visit over break.  

  • Take two test kits with you when you leave campus for the break: Pick up kits from the vending machines or the mailroom in the Campus Center.
  • Plan to test 24 hours before returning to campus for D Term. WPI does not currently require testing but we are strongly encouraging it to minimize the spread of virus.  
    • If you test positive, complete the Positive Case Form, which helps us track COVID in our community. Stay home and follow the instructions here.   
  • Protect others: Consider testing before seeing friends or family who have health concerns and wear a mask when you attend gatherings over break. 
  • Get vaccinated against COVID and flu. While vaccines do not always prevent transmission of the virus —they do help to protect you and your loved ones, especially those with health conditions, against severe illness.  

We sincerely hope you enjoy some rest and fun over break.   

WPI Public Health Team