We are all too aware that the COVID-19 pandemic has had detrimental effects on research, scholarly, and creative activities of faculty. Those with caregiving duties, particularly women, have suffered disproportionately along with other minoritized groups. Thanks to a grant from the Women’s Impact Network combined with commitment from the Provost’s Office, WPI will be offering COVID recovery mini-grants to faculty members whose career progress has been significantly affected by the pandemic. Faculty applicants will propose use of funds, up to $4,000, that meet their individual needs.

All full-time faculty members of all genders at the Assistant and Associate ranks, both TTT and TRT faculty, are eligible to apply. Examples of allowable expenses include hiring of a summer research student, services of an editor to assist with publications, child care to free up time in the summer, and portion of a course release. For further details, selection criteria, and the brief application form, please follow this LINK. Applications are due on April 30, 2021.  

This program is coordinated by Professors Chrys Demetry, Arne Gericke, and Susan Roberts and is being administered by the Morgan Teaching and Learning Center. Please reach out to any of us with questions or to brainstorm about how you might use a mini-grant.