Over 200 employees attended the event and had the chance to visit with vendors, colleagues, and the Talent & Inclusion team.  All attendees who checked in with the Benefits Team were entered for a chance to win one of many donated door prizes.  Prize winners have been notified and are asked to collect their item at the Talent & Inclusion office between the hours of 9am-4pm by November 23rd. 

Thank you to all who were able to join us and congratulations to this year’s winners!


Adam Donabed

Kristen Bronger

Adriana Owen

Kristen Marengo

Albert Lin

Kristopher Sullivan

Alison Darling

Laura Ferro

Alison Duffy

Lindsey Van Gieson

Amanda Keighley

Louisa Kulp

AmyBeth Laythe

Meng Le

Andrea Trimmer

Meredith Merchant

Angela Romano

Pablo Ramirez Morales

Brian Kelley

Patricia Southard

Camille Bouchard-Chhoeuk

Rachel Riley-Schafer

Carrie West

Refi Cane

Casey Jones

Rhonda Podell

Dana Harmon

Robin Benoit

Dawn Farmer

Roger Griffin

Deborah Bordage

Ruth McKeogh

Diane Fiorentino

Sandhya Balasubramanian

Diane Poirier

Sira Frongillo

Elizabeth Jacoby

Soroush Farzin

Emmanuel Agu

Stephen Bullock

Erica Stultz

Steven Foskett

GlorieAnn Minnich

Susan Levine

Jacqueline Simones

Suzette Santiago

Joseph Grajales

Theresa Mailloux

Joseph Horan

Walter Yarbrough

Karen Coghlan

Yafi Gogbeh

Keith Laplante