Biomedical Engineering

Jennifer Whelehan, Class of 2019

In the past year, many WPI students in the Biomedical Engineering Department have had the opportunity to participate in the Undergraduate Co-op (Co-operative Education) Program provided by WPI. Participation in the program has a lot of benefits including increasing awareness of the day-to-day operations of career opportunities and being a valuable career experience which benefits students seeking employment after graduation.

When asked to reflect on her current co-op experience at Boston Scientific, Jennifer Whelehan, WPI Class of 2019, said, “This spring semester, I am on co-op at Boston Scientific in Marlborough, MA.  Working on team of individuals that are so passionate about their jobs and the impact their work can have makes me so appreciative of the industry I plan on also having an impact on. Through my current position, I am realizing how the things I learn in the classroom apply to a real engineering job, while discovering my excitement for R&D. I perform a lot of testing in Boston Scientific’s materials lab, while also contributing to the testing and development of a prototype medical device. Through this, I have realized how important it is to be educated on materials, and I have decided to gear my senior year classes towards learning more about them.”