BostInno News reports on WPI Data Science response to global demand for more data scientists!


Data Science

WPI Data Science Program highlighted in BostInno New Article

The first thing you'll notice in this article is a group of WPI students led by the DS Program Director Elke Rundensteiner collaborating on a highly visible analytics project that provides data-driven insights into the Massachusetts economy via comparative visual analytics of key metric indicators. After that, the article by Olivia Vanni, Staff Writer, Education from BostInno details the demand for and response to the need for data scientists world wide.

The report states that 52% of data scientists have entered the field in the past four years, indicating that this new breed of analyst is in hot demand. This also begs the question: Which are the best schools for data science in the US?

WPI is featured as a Data Science program pioneer, followed in alphabetical order by a litany of other programs and universities. And, along with 'Data Science', there are also the more traditional degree programs in Business Analytics, Data Mining, etc. -- now invigorated by this thirst for and dearth of big data experts.

Most notably,  WPI offers the first Data Science Ph.D. program in the nation.