Boston Globe Recognizes Data Science Research Tool!


Data Science

The War for Tech Talent...

In a stimulating article published by the Boston Globe, the question was raised about how difficult it is for Massachusetts companies to find and hire well educated and competent tech professionals. And once hired, the challenge is then to keep them from being recruited by better offers from other companies.

Disconcerted tech executives, fighting to expand their corporations, describe the shortage of qualified hires as the primary growth issue for New England companies.

In order to accurately analyze this and other economy competitiveness issues, the MATTERS web dashboard by the Massachusetts High Technology Council was collaboratively designed and created  by students supervised by Prof.  Elke Rundensteiner's research group and other partners. MATTERS is a primary tool to analyze key performance metrics of Massachusetts compared to other states in the United States.

Close to 30 students, PhD, MS and undergraduate students, who worked with Professor Rundensteiner on this project are: