Health Services

COVID-19 and Influenza transmission rates are very high in our area right now. As we return to campus, please protect yourself and others by:  

  1. TESTING for COVID if you develop any cold-like symptoms. WPI no longer has a supply of free COVID tests to provide, but kits are easy to find in local pharmacies and stores. (Students can contact Student Health Services at 508-831-5520 to schedule an appointment to be seen and tested.) 
  2. STAYING HOME from class and/or work if you have a cough or fever (temperature of 100.4 and higher).   
  3. MASKING to reduce your chances of catching or spreading a respiratory virus.  
  4. WASHING your hands frequently and not sharing personal articles or eating/drinking utensils.  
  5. DRINKING plenty of fluids and resting.  
  6. GETTING VACCINATED to reduce the severity of COVID and the flu. Even if you’re not generally considered high risk for severe illness, vaccination helps decrease your chances of falling ill.  

Students who have questions about their health can call Student Health Services at (508) 831-5520. Employees should contact their healthcare provider.