map of the world with locations highlighted with circles and a photo

The new year is upon us, and nearly 300 WPI students are spending C-Term in communities around the globe. Through the Global Projects Program, these students are collaborating with local partners to find meaningful solutions to real-world problems. 

“The Global Projects Program effectively combines off-campus educational programming with intentional and focused project-based learning,” says Krista Miller, assistant director of the Global Experience Office in The Global School. “WPI students will develop critical thinking skills to address meaningful, real-world problems across cultural and geographic boundaries, leaving them well-equipped to address global challenges in their future careers.”

Students are working on Interactive Qualifying Projects in the following locations:

Akyem Dwenase, Ghana, with advisor Achirri Ismael (Social Science & Policy Studies)
Bangkok, Thailand, with advisors Kim Hollan (School of Engineering) and Ulrike Brisson (Adjunct)
Cuenca, Ecuador, with advisor Guilherme Dourado Chalhoub (Adjunct)
Hong Kong, China, with advisors Stephan Sturm (Mathematical Sciences) and Brajendra Mishra (Mechanical & Materials Engineering [ME])
Honolulu, Hawaii, with advisors Zoe Eddy (Department of Integrative and Global Studies [DIGS]) and Francesca Bernardi (Mathematical Sciences)
London, England, with advisors Esther Boucher-Yip (Humanities & Arts) and Sarah Stanlick (DIGS)
Melbourne, Australia, with advisors Steve McCauley (DIGS) and Sara Saberi (The Business School)
Monteverde, Costa Rica, with advisors Anne Ogilvie (SWEET Center) and Lisa Stoddard (DIGS)
San Jose, Costa Rica, with advisors Holly Ault (Adjunct) and James Chiarelli (DIGS)
San Juan, Puerto Rico, with advisors John-Michael Davis (DIGS) and Melissa Belz (DIGS)
Venice, Italy (relocated from Eilat, Israel), with advisors Isa Bar-On (Adjunct) and Michele Femc-Bagwell (Adjunct)
Wellington, New Zealand, with advisors Leslie Dodson (DIGS) and Ken Stafford (Adjunct)
Worcester, Massachusetts, with advisor Corey Dehner (DIGS)


Students are working on Major Qualifying Projects in these locations:

Bern, Switzerland, with advisors Nancy Burnham (Physics) and Stephan Sturm (Mathematical Sciences)
Honolulu, Hawaii, with advisors Lauren Mathews (Biology & Biotechnology) and Selcuk Guceri (ME)
Nancy, France, with advisor Steve Kmiotek (Chemical Engineering)


During A- and B-Terms 2023, 413 students traveled to 23 project centers in 13 countries on 6 continents. Learn more about project centers at WPI.