Facilities Office

As part of an on-going effort to install fall protection systems on rooftops, Environmental Health & Safety is coordinating with Mungovan Movers to set up a crane to install guardrails on Morgan, Daniels, Washburn and East Hall.  The plan is to set up the crane at each location following the schedule listed below.  Please note that these times overlap to allow us some flexibility in moving the crane between locations. 

  1. 7am to 10am – Washburn Shops
  2. 9am to 12pm – Daniels Hall
  3. 12pm to 4pm – Morgan Hall
  4. 3pm to 7pm – East Hall

Details for Washburn Shops

The crane set up at Washburn Shops will require the service road to be closed to through traffic for the duration indicated above (see Figure 1).  The service road will be converted to two-way traffic on both ends to access Boynton Hall from the Boynton Parking Lot and to access Gordon Library from West Street near Goddard Hall.  The loading dock of Washburn will be closed for this duration as well. 

Details for Daniels Hall

The crane set up for Daniel Hall will require closure of the Daniels parking lot located along Institute Road (See Figure 2).  The closure will be required beginning at 6:30am to ensure employees do not park in this parking lot before the crane arrives.  The exit door from Daniels to the parking lot will remain accessible during emergency, but routine traffic will be re-routed through the main entrance to the Quad. 

Details for Morgan Hall

The crane set up for Morgan Hall will not allow any deliveries to the Morgan Loading Dock or dumpsters during the period listed above.  The closure plan is highlighted in Figure 3 below.

Details for East Hall

The crane set up for East Hall will require closure to the parking lot on the north side of East Hall (see Figure 4).  The exit from the northwest stairwell remain accessible during emergency, but routine traffic will be re-routed through the main entrance. 

Figure 1: Washburn Shops Crane Plan

Figure 2: Daniels Hall Crane Plan

Figure 3: Morgan Hall Crane Plan

Figure 4: East Hall Crane Plan