Dean of The Global School, Mimi Sheller, to Participate in Oct 15 UK Symposium


The Global School

The Mobilities Symposium: John Urry’s Living Legacy will feature Dean Sheller in the Critical Mobilities Theory Series.

12:00-16:00 UK/7am-12pm ET

This event brings centre-stage key dialogues between Urry and three accomplished academics and former collaborators with their own contribution to the new mobilities paradigm: Professor Mimi Sheller (Inaugural Dean of The Global School at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Massachusetts, USA), Professor Michael Haldrup (Professor, Department of Communication and Arts, Visual Culture and Performance Design, Centre for Tourism Research, University of Roskilde, Denmark) and Professor Jennie Germann Molz (Professor of Sociology, Sociology & Anthropology, College of the Holy Cross, Massachusetts, USA).

The symposium also features as discussants: two of John Urry’s collaborators and friends, Ole Jensen (Professor of Urban Theory, Aalborg University, Architecture, Design and Media Technology, Denmark), known for his work on mobilities design, and Jonas Larsen (Professor in Mobility and Urban Studies, Department of People and Technology, Roskilde University), known for his work on photography and tourism; and James Faulconbridge (Professor, Management School, Lancaster University, (LUMS), United Kingdom), currently acting as Associate Director of CEMORE, one of John Urry’s institutional legacy on mobilities theory.