Dr. Les Servi gives keynote as part of a Military Operations Research Society special meeting.


Data Science

MORS Emerging Techniques Special Meeting (METSM)

6-7 December 2016

Hilton Mark Center

Alexandria, VA

Chair:  Harrison Schramm, CANA Advisors, harrison.schramm@gmail.com

Co-Chair:  Paul Nicholas, U.S. Marine Corps Operations Analysis Directorate, paul.nicholas@usmc.mil

The MORS Emerging Techniques Special Meeting (METSM) will feature high-quality technical presentations from leading experts from both inside and outside the MORS family and provide an opportunity for consumers of analysis and non-traditional providers of analysis to meet and share their needs and capabilities. METSM will provide a forum for presentations, demonstrations, and discussions on developing and employing emerging analytic techniques with an eye toward the problems of the National Security Community. 


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