Drupal 9 Website has been launched


Marketing Communications

The Drupal 9 website was launched over the weekend and is now live.  You will notice some minor changes throughout the website, but the overall look & feel should be the same.  There will be some styling issues that need to be resolved after the launch.  We are aware of these and will be working on them over the next couple of weeks.  We appreciate your patience during this transitional period.

If you should come across a major issue, such as:

  1. A page is missing
  2. Content on a page is missing
  3. Your access rights are incorrect and you cannot edit your web pages

Please send an email to CMSHelp@wpi.edu and we will work to correct the issue.

Drupal 9 Training

Many people have asked for asynchronous training for Drupal.  We have listened to your requests and have implemented a Drupal 9 training video playlist that will allow you to learn Drupal on your own schedule.  No more need to sit through a 2-hour zoom class.  Now you can pick from a list of over 30 short videos (1-3 minutes long) and select the features that you want to learn about.

Got Questions?

See our Drupal 9 FAQs for more information.