Marketing Communications

1) New Drupal Menu

Starting tomorrow, the Drupal drop-down menu will be replaced by a gray shortcut bar.  This new shortcut bar will appear beneath the black menu bar as shown in the image below (note: your menu options may vary depending upon your access rights.)  We hope that having all of your menu options right there on the shortcut bar will make it easier to navigate in Drupal.

2) New Widget:  Rotating Highlight Box

We've added a new widget that will allow you to combine your highlight boxes into a rotating highlight box as shown in the screenshot below.  We hope this will allow you to present more information on your pages without the clutter of stacking multiple highlight boxes on top of each other.  This is already live and available for use.  Documentation for this widget can be found on our +Drupal website.

Coming Soon!

In the very near future, you will see a new,  cleaner look for your quote widgets.  The image below is a sneak preview of what the new design looks like.