Emily Douglas Receives National Award for Work in Intimate Partner Violence

Emily M. Douglas, professor and department head, Social Science and Policy Studies, received the 2019 Linda Saltzman Memorial Intimate Partner Violence Researcher Award, honoring those making “substantial” contributions to the field of intimate partners violence in the past five years.

The award, given by the Institute on Violence, Abuse and Trauma (IVAT) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), was named for Linda Ellen Saltzman, PhD, a CDC public health researcher who dedicated her life’s work to ending intimate partner violence through research. Douglas, whose research focuses on child and family well-being and programs and policies that promote positive outcomes, studies family violence and is, most recently, the author of Child Maltreatment Fatalities in the United States: Four Decades of Policy, Programs, and Professional Responses (Springer, 2016).

“What is most exciting about receiving this award is that I conduct research on men who are victims or targets of partner violence from their female partners. It wasn’t so long ago that those experiences of men were denied by the vast majority of family violence professionals and researchers,” Douglas said.

“The tide is changing, and all across the country domestic violence agencies are providing victim services to targets of partner violence, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, because family violence is not bound by demographics or social location.” 


Douglas received the award earlier this month at the 24th International Summit on Violence, Abuse and Trauma.