Introducing the New Book Scanner


George C. Gordon Library

The Gordon Library is now home to a public book scanner, for quick and easy scanning of books and other materials. The KIC Click Mini Scanner is a top down scanner: simply place a book on the scan bed and use the touch pad screen to select your scanning options. The scanner will capture two pages at a time without damaging a book's spine and can automatically split the spread into two separate scanned images. Using the touch pad, you can also explore post-processing options for your scans, including image split/merge, cropping, light adjustments, and color correction. Once you've finished scanning, choose your output format (PDF, JPEG, or TIFF), then send the images to your email or save to a USB storage device. The accompanying upper display screen plays an instructional video that walks you through how to use the scanner, making the whole process even simpler.

The scanner is available for use at any time during the library's opening hours, first come, first served. If you have any questions about copyright and fair use pertaining to your use of the book scanner, please email or consult the WPI Copyright Policy & Guidance guide.