Introducing Finally Friday Chats 

On Friday afternoons in November, the Morgan Center, the Instructional Design team, and Undergraduate Studies will be hosting informal conversations on teaching and learning. Each gathering will focus on a topic that has emerged from faculty and student data gathering this fall: 1) organizing class while staying flexible; 2) student engagement and active learning; and 3) assessment.  Connections and community— peer-to-peer, with instructors, and with offices across campus— will be woven throughout.  

The purpose of these gatherings is NOT to introduce new ideas and strategies. We certainly don’t want to add more to your plate. This will be a space for those who want to connect informally with colleagues as they process and share what’s working and not working in their classes and what we’re hearing from and observing in students, both inside and outside the classroom. We hope that this space will be helpful in the moment and also forward-looking: what are we learning that we might apply to next term? What do we want to continue thinking about and sharing? In the spirit of “it takes a village,” we hope to see faculty and staff from across campus in attendance and hear voices from many different offices. 

All "Finally Friday Chats" will be at 3pm on zoom, registration is required.

Nov 6th: Finally Friday Chat: What are we learning about organizing class while staying flexible?

Nov 13th: Finally Friday Chat: What are we learning about student engagement and active learning?

Nov 20th: Finally Friday Chat: What are we learning about assessments?