Please see below details regarding the salary increase pool for FY 2023-24.

A salary increase of 1.5% will be provided to all eligible employees who meet performance expectations, and managers will be allotted an additional 1% as a merit pool to recognize outstanding performance beyond the 1.5% increase. In addition, funding will be allocated to support faculty and staff promotions and Phase One implementation of the year-long Staff Position Classification and Compensation Project (see below). All salary increases will be effective October 1, 2023.

  • Employees who are eligible for consideration for an annual salary increase and/or merit increase include:  
    • Benefits-eligible faculty and staff who were employed at WPI before April 1, 2023;
    • Staff who have not received other increases over the last six months, including equity and/or promotional increases;
    • Staff who have not been approved for a promotional or equity increase effective October 1, 2023;

NOTE: Executives, Vice Presidents, Vice Provosts and equivalent employees are excluded from both FY23-24 base and merit increases.

Faculty and Staff Merit Increases
  • Staff performance evaluations and faculty annual evaluations, as well as other overall contributions of individual team members throughout this past year, will be considered when making decisions regarding merit increases.  
  • Each Division Head will identify the managers who will determine merit increases for faculty and staff in their respective areas.  These managers will:
    • Have a total amount equal to 1% of salaries for all employees in their area who are eligible for an increase effective October 1, 2023.  
    • Give consideration for the overall contributions of each employee and allocate the 1% merit pool to recognize outstanding performance.
  • Employees will receive notification of their approved salary increase as soon as allocations of merit increases have been decided and processed. 

The annual review process is a meaningful reminder of the talent and dedication of our colleagues. At WPI, we are committed to upholding fairness and equity, and our primary objectives are to acknowledge and reward our exceptional employees and to ensure that we provide competitive salaries.

Staff and Faculty Promotions

The Division of Talent & Inclusion worked with academic and administrative leadership (Deans, Division Heads, and Department Heads) to identify faculty and staff to be considered for promotions. Here’s what you need to know:  

  • Faculty promotions were approved by the Board of Trustees in May and promotional increases were effective July 1, 2023.   
  • Staff promotions and promotional increases will be effective October 1, 2023, and those employees will receive personalized notification by September 15, 2023.

As always, please contact your division’s Talent & Inclusion representative if you have any questions. 

Recommendations from Staff Position Classification and Compensation Project: Phase One and Beyond

The initial phase of WPI’s Staff Position Classification and Compensation Project has focused on administrative support professionals across academic and administrative departments.  Drawing from the initial insights gained from a thorough and comprehensive market analysis, employees who have been approved for equity adjustments will see pay increases take effect October 1, 2023.  Notifications will be sent to those employees by September 22, 2023.  

Please note that the Staff Position Classification and Compensation Project is still underway, and the Division of Talent & Inclusion continues to work with Division Heads, Deans, and Department Heads across campus to review salary benchmarking data to develop additional recommendations.  Should additional resources become available later during the 2023-24 fiscal year, we will prioritize the implementation of additional recommendations as they are finalized.