Food for Thought: What is the role of STEM in democracy?

WHEN:  April 1, from 1:00 - 2:00 pm

WHERE:  Virtual, Register Here for zoom link

Facilitators: Chrys Demetry (Morgan Center) and Sarah Stanlick (DIGS);

Panelists: Jennifer deWinter (IMGD/HUA), Laura Roberts (DIGS), Joshua Rohde (HUA), Suzanne Scarlata (CBC)


“In its second century, WPI will pioneer in scientific service to society.”

--Future of Two Towers, Part III, 1969


The attack on the U.S. Capitol in January and all of the underlying social upheaval has renewed calls for higher education to prioritize civic learning and democratic engagement, preparing every student to participate effectively and constructively in public life. Too often at WPI and elsewhere, teachers of history, political science, philosophy, and communication are assumed to hold the primary responsibility for fostering democratic and civic engagement, and STEM education and practice are positioned as apolitical or divorced from current events. In this session we will hear from faculty who are teaching current events, addressing political or democratic issues in the classroom, influencing policy or public opinion, or who have developed an integrated scholar-teacher-citizen identity. A portion of this gathering will be devoted to reflection and discussion for all participants to consider their own relationship with democracy and civic life, and to connect what they heard on the panel with ways they could open up or deepen their own work that connects STEM and democracy.

All WPI community members and interested stakeholders are welcome to attend.